Award for "Wild Albania - In the Land of the Eagles"
19. September 2016 - 13:13

Award for "Wild Albania - In the Land of the Eagles"

LOOKS production awarded with the Golden Maple at the International Jahorina Film Festival in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sarajevo/Leipzig, 19 September 2016 – Award for the nature documentary film by Cornelia Volk and Alexander Sommer: “Wild Albania” won out over its competitors in the category “Documentary TV Film” and was awarded with the Golden Maple.

The renowned Jahorina international festival for documentary and short films celebrates its 10-year existence. The festival is held every year since 2007 in Pale near Sarajevo, at the foot of the Jahorina mountain. For this year’s edition a total of 970 films from 98 countries were submitted, of which 150 films from 35 countries were selected for competition.

“Wild Albania – In the Land of the Eagles” portrays the emblem of Albania, the golden eagle. The filmmakers shot in the Albanian Alps, which the locals call the “Accursed Mountains”. This mountain range in the north of the country is very hard to access and sparsely populated – an ideal living environment for the golden eagle.

From the perspective of this majestic bird of prey, Alexander Sommer’s camera takes a look at the country’s hidden natural treasures and convulse history. For millennia, the cultures and religions of the successive European powers have collided in Albania. Illyrians, Greeks, Romans and Ottomans left their traces here. It is not only humans that are attracted by these cultural monuments; we see bats fluttering in the Church of Saint Mary, between the crucified Christ and well-preserved frescos, and turtles staging themselves in rather impressive manner in Butrint’s ancient theatre.

“Wild Albania – In the Land of the Eagles” was produced by LOOKS Film, in international co-production with Albanian station Top Channel, and commissioned by Mitteldetuscher Rundfunk. Bayerischer Rundfunk and Hessischer Rundfunk were also co-producers. The film was broadcast with great success on 20 December, 2015 in the context of the series “Erlebnis Erde” on ARD.