German Cinema Release for "Hitler's Hollywood"
21. February 2017 - 9:26

German Cinema Release for "Hitler's Hollywood"

As of February 22nd director Rüdiger Suchsland will present his film "Hitler's Hollywood" about German cinema in the age of propaganda from 1933 – 1945 during a cinema tour in Berlin, Wiesbaden, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Tübingen, Leipzig and Nürnberg. The film will be released on February 23rd.

About 1000 feature films were made in Germany in the years between 1933-45, only a few of them were openly Nazi propaganda films. But, by the same token, even fewer of them can be considered harmless entertainment.

We look at these films and the people behind them. How stereotypes of the “enemy” and values of love and hate managed to be planted, into the heads of the viewers, through the screens.
We tell stories of: followers and side kicks, fanatics and careerists, opportunists, rebels, insurgents and renegades, of cowards and brave men - of victims and perpetrators.

We tell the story of the stars of the NS-cinema: Hans Albers, Heinz Rühmann, Theo Lingen, Gustav Knuth, Johannes Heesters, Zarah Leander, Ilse Werner, Marika Rökk, Grete Weiser, Heinrich George, Luis Trenker, Veit Harlan, Leni Riefenstahl, Thea von Harbou, Karl Ritter and many more. And we tell the stories of the others: Helmuth Käutner, Detlef Sierck (later: Douglas Sirk), G.W.Pabst; Werner Hochbaum, Erich Kästner.

Our film tells the story of one of the most important and most dramatic periods in the History of German cinema.