LOOKS production "Wild Albania – In the Land of the Eagle" tours the film festivals
8. June 2016 - 14:50

LOOKS production "Wild Albania – In the Land of the Eagle" tours the film festivals

The nature documentary "Wild Albania – In the Land of the Eagle" is currently taking the international film festival circuit by storm.

On May 19 and 20, the film by Cornelia Volk and Alexander Sommer will make a guest appearance in the Slovakian capital, Bratislava at the Ekotop Festival. One week later, on May 26, "Wild Albania" is up for a total of six prizes at the Czech T-Film Festival in Ostrava. From more than 50 submissions, the 44-minute documentary was chosen to be among the last 17. The next stop for the film is the SEFF – Sisak Eco Film Festival, which runs from June 2 to 10 in the Croatian town of Hrvatska Kostajnica. The festivals tour ends in Ludwigsburg at NaturVision, which runs from July 21 to 24 and is Germany's largest and oldest film festival for films and documentaries dealing with nature, wildlife, the environment and sustainability.

"Wild Albania – In the Land of the Eagle" is a portrait of Albania's national symbol, the Golden Eagle. The film makers filmed in the Albanian Alps, also called the "Enchanted Mountains" by the locals. The mountain range in the north of the country is sparsely populated and is one of the last blank spots on the European map – an ideal habitat for the Golden Eagle.

From the perspective of the majestic bird of prey, Alexander Sommer's camera gains a unique insight into the hidden natural treasures and the moving history of this country. For thousands of years, the cultures and religions of changing European powers clashed in Albania. Illyrians, Greeks, Romans and Ottomans all left their mark here. It is not only people who are captivated by the remains of these civilisations. Bats and terrapins also have a liking for cultural monuments. While the former fly about in the church of the Blessed Virgin between the crucifix and some well maintained frescoes, the latter have grabbed the limelight in impressive style in the amphitheatre of Butrint.

The film, a Mitteldeutschen Rundfunk production for Das Erste, was broadcast very successfully on December 20, 2015 as part of ARD's "Erlebnis Erde" ("Experience Earth") series.